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Historical panoramas of Rijswijk and Delft

In memory of Fred Zieren

In the eighties of the last century Fred Zieren, surveyor in service of Rijswijk, made a few panoramas in the neighbourhood. In 2008 the b/w negatives were digitized by Fred and me. Fred passed away in 2015.

Fred Zieren with his large panorama of Rijswijk (1980)

Click the images for large versions of the panoramas.
You will find some comparisons with the same locations in 2008 in the sidebar.

Wilhelminapark 1

Panorama made on May 25, 1980 from a hill in what is now the Wilhelminapark

Wilhelminapark 2

Panorama - made earlier in 1980, in approx. the same location


Panorama from one of the hills in Elsenburgerbos under construction

Jan Thijssenweg

Linear panorama of the Jan Thijssenweg, viewed from the Nassaukade


Linear panorama of the Jaagpad, between numbers 192 (left) and 76 (right) - Shooting date: 1981

Trams on the Delftweg

Linear montage of trams (line 1) on the Delftweg


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