Basic tours

Van onschatbare waarde 2020 - Viktor IV decor

Bert Degenaar, one of the experts of the TV program 'Van onschatbare waarde' had the walls of his room decorated with my panorama photo of Viktor IV's ship cabin.

Teylers museum 2016

A visit to Teylers, the 'museum of a museum', where I has a chance to try out my Theta S camera with a small, magnetic Gorilla tripod. A quick-and-dirty tour but, never mind, the ambience of this museum is amazing.

Little Paradise 2012, 2016

Virtual Tour of the works of Jan Bruns, Amsterdam

Open Dag Stedelijk Museum 2012

Impressions of the Doors Open Day of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, on 26 mei 2012. With a.o. a panorama of Petra Blaisse with her tapistry

South Limburg 2012

A small virtual tour with a.o. panoramas of the Cunibertus church in Wahlwiller (known for the Stations of the Cross by Aad de Haas)

Artihome Dirks Interieur,
Amstelveen 2012

Virtual tours

These tours have various combinations of hotspots, maps, object links, video inserts, etc. They are all suitable for desktop, tablet and smartphone and many of them are VR ready.

Cruquius Steam Drainage Pumping Station, 2006

These panoramas were made with the kind permission and assistance of Piet Beertema, one of the technicians of Museum De Cruquius.

8 panoramas in total

Museum Steam Pumping Station Halfweg, 2010

11 panoramas in total

Museum Steam Pumping Station Halfweg, 2010

Impressions of a "Steam Day" of the museum on 8 May 2010

12 panoramas in total

Werkoord Rotsoord, 2012

Utrecht Manifest is a biannual cultural event held in Utrecht. The biannual for social design aims to bring the design process and the user closer together
(see for detailed information)

14 panoramas, 100+ hotspots

Kattenkabinet, 2011

Virtual Tour of Bob Meijer's Cat Cabinet, Herengracht 497, Amsterdam. The complete, original (Flash) version of this tour with bi-directional links to well over 150 art works has been integrated fully in the new website of the Cat Cabinet

Concept Werkhotel, 2010

Virtual Tour of the Concept Werkhotel
The Concept Werkhotel was an initative of Studio Makkink & Bey, Rotterdam
for GastGastgeber, during Ruhr 2010
(see for further information)

Cemetery, 2011

Virtual Tour of the Cemetery Tongerseweg
Maastricht (prototype)

Museum Belvédère, 2011

Virtual Tour van het Museum Belvédère te Heerenveen
A brief introduction to this beautiful and beautifully situated museum
on the occasion of Hans Landsaat's solopresentation in
one of the cabinets of the museum