Panoramas of the Steam Day at Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg, 8 May 2010

Click the images below for photographs and full, interactive panoramas made between 10:10 am and 12:11 pm

Time 10:10 am

Ringvaart surface smooth as a mirror
Time 10:19 am

Firing up the boiler
Time 10:27 am

Shoveling coal in the inner yard
Time 11:04 am

Engine is started up
Time 11:10 am

Valve positions are checked
Time 11:36 am

Paddle wheel movement only minutes away
Time 11:40 am

Paddle wheels start moving while the images for this panorama are being shot
Time 11:45 am

Paddle wheels at full speed
Time 11:49 am

Sidewing with paddle wheels - wet, dark and noisy
Time 11:55 am

Engine room in full swing
Time 12:01 pm

View at the ringvaart from the engine room
Time 12:11 pm

The ringvaart surface has lost its smoothness

Updated: 20 July 2011                   2010, Arie de Ruiter