This site presents an overview of many of my panoramas. I will add recent work as well as selected older material every now and then.

The return of Jasman, Theo de Feyter
Koel310|EXPO - Alkmaar, 20 januari - 9 maart 2019


Jasman was born in 1972 in Alkmaar. After a short and tumultuous existence he disappeared to show up again in 2012. This exposition is a renewed introduction. Many aspects of his life hitherto unknown are presented

9 panoramas

Vanuit het landschap en de literatuur, Hans Landsaat
Koel310|EXPO - Alkmaar, September 3-25, 2017


Virtual tour of a large exhibition with over 50 older and recent paintings, drawings and graphics by Hans Landsaat

14 panorama's

Studio of Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht


Virtual tour of the studio in its original state. Shooting date 22 October 2015
See for background information

12 panoramas

The Seven Deadly Sins - Jeroen Bosch inspires Jurgen Bey

Virtual tour of the exhibition at the Central Museum Utrecht, 14 September 2013 - 18 May 2014

11 panoramas, 1 video object (The Jester), 4 videos (Four Last Things) by Klaske Oenema

Little paradise - Visit to Jan Bruns

Renewed introduction to the fantastic work of Jan Bruns, Amsterdam, 2012, 2016

5 panoramas ( 3 2012, 2 2016)

All Souls' Day in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Impressions of the All Souls celebration in Vondelpark, Sunday 2 November 2014
See for background information (in Dutch)

3 panoramas

24 uur Noordoostpolder

A project of Stichting Herbergen (Taverns Foundation), meant to celebrate the development of the Noordoostpolder. It took place during Open Monuments Day 2014, at Kraggenburg (NOP).
See www.stichtingherbergen.nlfor background information (in Dutch)

10 panoramas

Vondelpark 150 years

Impressions of the 150-years old Vondelpark, 15 June 2014
The fourth panorama has a video/audio insert (may take time to load)
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Van Eeghenstraat - Demolition former Luthers Diaconessen Ziekenhuis

Amsterdam-Zuid - The former Luther Diaconessen Ziekenhuis is to make place for a luxury apartment building, 15 June 2014

Dutch Design - SUPERMODELS

Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 6 - 9 juni 2014
Exposition Dutch Design - SUPERMODELS
An initiative of Concern
More information on

Obama arriving at Museumplein - timelapse videos

24 March 2014 - Video of over 160 images taken with Nikon D800E + Nikkor 10.5mm FE combination, so large angle of view but limited detail.
The helicopter ballet is fun to watch though
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Virtual Tour of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-14

Highlights of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-14
The version on the left has video inserts in three of the panoramas (may take some time to load)
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6 panoramas in total

Virtual Tour of Amsterdam-Zuid

Amsterdam-Zuid - A short stroll through part of the Museum Quarter. Liberation Day, 5 May 2013

17 panoramas in total

Virtual Tour van de Boulevard of Light, Amsterdam

Boulevard of Light - Between Munt and Amstel Hotel the river Amstel was given a makeover with spectacular, contemporary light sculptures (7 December 2012 - 20 January 2013)

13 panoramas in total

Virtual Tour of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Impressions of the Doors Open Day of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, on 26 mei 2012. A.o. a panorama of Petra Blaisse with her tapistry

8 panoramas in total

Virtual Tour of Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg, Halfweg

Shooting date 7 november 2012 - The repainted engine room.

6 panoramas in total

Extensive information about this museum can be found on the website of Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg Also see the virtual tours and panoramas made in 2010 elsewhere on my website